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Computer Repair Shop Tips

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Problem 1:
Computer has complete loss of power.When you plug the AC adapter into the laptop there are no lights turning on at all and power button doesn’t work.

Possible problem
– The AC adapter failed and the battery has no charge left.
– DC jack failed and the motherboard doesn’t receive any power from the adapter.
– Motherboard failed. The motherboard has to be replaced, most times this is cost prohibitive

Problem 2:
Blank LCD screen

The laptop turns on, power LED lights up, cooling fan works but nothing appears on the screen.

Possible problem
– This can be memory failure. It’s possible one of the memory modules failed.
– Hard drive, motherboard,video card/controller or defective monitor.

Problem 3:
Laptop turns on and off repeatedly.

The laptop turns on without showing any image on the screen, auto reboot loop occurring.

Possible problem
– Motherboard failure, failing driver, possible memory issue or even overheating condition may be present.

Problem 4:
Laptop making noises while running.

The laptop turns on and everything works fine except it makes some constant weird grinding or rattling noise.

Possible problem
– In most cases this noise is coming from the cooling fan or hard drive. Take a closer look at the cooling fan.

– If the fan doesn’t spin but the the laptop makes noise it’s likely the hard drive making noise.

– You can also remove the hard drive and boot the laptop. If the laptop still makes noise most likely it’s a bad fan.

Problem 5:
Laptop shuts down or freezes.

The laptop runs properly but after a while it freezes or shuts down without any warning. Bottom is very hot.

Possible problem
– Most likely this is heat related issue. It happens because the fan heat sink is clogged with dust and the processor not cooling down properly.  Also a bad fan.

This is a general explanation to what we see on a daily basis at the shop in Wallingford. Feel free to email with questions or call the office @ 203-269-1739 anytime.

How to Extend The life of Your Computers

Nov 12, 2014   //   by nick   //   Blog, Laptop Repair Shop  //  No Comments

Get the most out of your computers and laptops

Computers aren’t free, or even inexpensive and getting the maximum lifespan from your computer is a great way to avoid an unnecessary expense. Like most other devices there are many simple things you can do to help increase the useful lifespan of your computer systems.

1. Don’t turn your computer on and off unnecessarily. Some people feel the need to power down several times each day. You don’t have to go weeks without turning off your computer, but frequent heating and cooling cycles can shorten component life. The key here is balance. Don’t restart too much and don’t leave on too long either.

2. Blow out the fan vents regularly. A lot of air moves through those vents, and dust tends to build up over time. Keep the internal components cool is imperative to extending the life of your computer. Ideally, the dust shouldn’t be blown back into the computer. Taking it apart is the best method. If you’re not comfortable doing this, seek out a qualified computer repair store.

3. Use laptops on a hard service. Using your computer on a firm surface will keep the air vents unobstructed. Using a laptop on your lap or on a pillow would be a poor choice. Your body generates heat and is soft. A pillow is soft and the laptop will sink in and normal cooling airflow is cut off. A firm table, out of the sun, is the best choice whenever possible.

4. Use a surge protector. Many CPU problems can be possibly avoided with the use of an inexpensive surge protector. Unplugging during a storm or power outage is the best practice, but if that’s not possible, a surge protector can help.

5. Get a regular computer system tune up. Taking your computer into a qualified computer repair shop is a great way to increase the longevity of your computer. They have the specialized software tools and experience to find potential problems quickly and easily. You probably take your car in for a tune-up on a regular basis. Your computer would be well-served by the same.

6. Avoid eating and drinking while using your computer. Getting food or water down into your system can create all kinds of potential problems. Water and electronics never mix well. At the very least, blow out your keyboard with a can of compressed air regularly.

7. Use in a cool environment. Computer components hate heat. If possible, use your computer in a cool place. A 95-degree summer day isn’t the time to be using your laptop outdoors.

8. Use a good anti-malware program and keep it updated. Malware can cause all types of problems. With a quality anti-malware program, you’ll be able to keep a lot of potential issues at bay. Staying updated is important. There are thousands of malware programs released each day.

With a few simple actions, you can be assured of getting the maximum amount of utility from it before needing a replacement.

Windows 8 Start Button

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As everyone knows Microsoft has made several significant changes to the Windows 8 operating system. The most noticeable change to the end user is the new metro application environment. The start button never went away but it was redesigned and the traditional start menu was changed to the new “metro” start menu.

Personally I thought the traditional windows start menu was great and think this metro concept may be either a marketing strategy or just a plain ole mistake. Giving users and added ability to launch a new “optional” metro application would have been the better way to do it in my opinion.

This being said there is a great little utility out there that Mr Computer has known about and has been using in the field for quite sometime and it’s called Classic Shell. This utility gives users the ability to install and configure several really nice enhancements to the windows system but it is best known for putting the start button and classic start menu back in Windows 8.1. Classic Shell is a quick and easy download and the best part is that it’s free. If you’re looking for the classic start button in Windows 8 then you will love Classic Shell.

Computer Repair Shop Tips

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Hi Folks it your local computer repair shop with another tip!

On December 29th, 2012 Microsoft released Security Advisory 2794220 regarding an issue that impacts Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8. Currently they are only aware of a very small number of targeted attacks at this time. This issue allows remote code execution if users browse to a malicious website with an affected browser. This would typically occur by an attacker convincing someone to click a link in an email or instant message.

Internet Explorer 9 and 10 are not affected by this issue, so upgrading to these versions will help protect you from this issue. Read more >>

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