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Nov 22, 2014   //   by nick   //   Blog, MAC  //  No Comments

For a Computer Repair Services shop in Wallingford,CT and Meriden,CT we have seen a lot of Mac’s Recently

As things go in our computer repair shop we offer many different types of computer repair services. We fix cracked laptop screens,replace hard drives,system boards,remove malware and viruses,complete rebuilds,upgrades and a whole lot more on-site networking services. While we mainly see PC based computer systems we had numerous MAC systems come in throughout these last few weeks. Three of the older macbook’s needed rebuilds, we upgraded one of these to an SSD, one macbook needed a main board, the macbook pro was running terribly slow and needed a rebuild and finally we went on-site in Wallingford,CT and installed and configured a brand new iMac, 21.5 inch i5, 8GB RAM.

Mac products run well, but they too are subject to slow down and component failure.

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