Company pretending to be Microsoft is calling unsuspecting computer users

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No less than six times in the last three weeks I have gotten phone calls from end users concerned that Microsoft had called them at home. The common theme is that a call is made to you at your home from someone pretending to be calling from Microsoft to let you know that you have a virus on your computer and that they have picked up on the threat and that your computer is now infecting their systems. The advice offered is that you need to have your system cleaned right away or else you will be fined by Microsoft. The fee for the remote computer/laptop cleaning seems to vary from $39 up to $300. Now here is the interesting part. Every one of the users that brought their computer into my office for assessment really did have malicious software installed on them and for sure the phone call was related to the problem at hand.

Here is free advice for all of you. Microsoft will never be calling you at home to tell you that your computer system has a virus and for a fee they can clean it off. The golden rule: Never-Never believe anyone that calls looking for money or tries to extort money from you via web threat. The best defense against these internet threats is to have the knowledge to know when it is a scam. If you are struggling it is easy enough to call our office and we can help you identify a threat at no charge. Norton Internet Security is one of the best products on the market. It works very well with Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 and will minimize your exposure to these types of threats. Norton Internet Security by Symantec is just $39. The installation fee is $10 and well worth the cost.

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