Computer rebuild in Meriden, CT

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Mr Computer recently provided computer service for a wonderful family onsite at their home in Meriden, CT. They own a Dell laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium Edition. There were a multitude of problems with their laptop ranging from numerous files infected with malware and viruses to the registry being flawed with errors. After a quick and simple diagnosis the recommended solution was to do a complete rebuild of the computer hard drive reload the operating system. There were several programs that were loaded on the laptop that needed to be re-installed and the data to be restored such as Quicken and Microsoft Office. We performed the following standard tasks for this client:

1) Back up all personal files to external hard drive at which time all viruses were cleaned or quarantined
2) Reload Windows Vista and run all updates and security patches from Microsoft website
3) Installed Norton Symantec Internet Security
4) Re-installed programs
5) Restored database for Quicken and all pictures and documents
6) Optimized the laptop for quick boot and made several Tweaks within the operating system for faster performance
7) Reloaded print drivers and connected network printer
8) Reconnect laptop to wireless router
9) Have client test the new configuration and assist as needed
10) Review current internet speed and educate on the differences in bandwidth and how they relate to overall laptop performance.

This punch list may seem like a lot of work, and it is. When you hire Mr Computer for an onsite house call you can expect this punch list to be followed exactly the same way when we are in your home. The great part about this is that our Flat Rates cover all necessary service for the computer for just $99. Our belief is that we would rather charge less and be busy as compared to being higher priced with less volume. Call us old school but that’s just the way it is here at Mr Computer.

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