Wireless Network Setup

Secure SSL Home Wireless Networking By Mr. Computer

Wireless networking is not always as simple as it sounds. Understanding how to configure a wireless router or modem for secure connectivity can be tricky. The main obstacle is lack of industry standard for configuring your modem or router. A Netgear router is going to be different than a Cisco router and a 2Wire router is going to be different than a Belkin router. All of the various devices have different user interfaces making it difficult for the common home user to navigate. Don’t take chances with your wireless network. Don’t delay, hire a certified professional to ensure proper wireless connectivity and more importantly properly configured wireless security on all of your devices including iPhones, Androids and tablet products such as iPad and Microsoft Surface.

Your computer can do so much more than just sit on a desk. It can stream music to your stereo, let you game online with friends and much more. Enjoy your freedom and sleep soundly knowing your network is safe and secure. With Mr. Computer’s Home Networking package you will receive our installation, expert consultation and education connection support. And if there’s ever a question, Mr. Computer is a quick call.

With a secure home network you can

  • Surf the web from your couch
  • Stream movies to your television
  • Stream music to your stereo
  • Game online with friends
  • Print documents from another room
  • Read emails on your phone

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