Life without a computer

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Life without a computer

Computers are now an essential part of our lives. Given the diverse use of computers for personal and professional reasons, it is hardly possible that a task can be accomplished without computers. Hardly any office work gets completed without the computer being used. In the current workplace every company and organization depend on computers and laptops to complete daily tasks. It is amazing just how much the workplace has changed since I began working for Newsday delivering newspapers on Long Island in 1982. It is equally amazing how much my lifestyle has changed since the introduction of personal computer technology. Not only do I fix broken computers but I also spend a lot of time researching and enjoying all of the great things that the internet has to offer via my laptop or desktop computer.

In the workplace

Banking sector

Most of my career up until recent years has been spent working for major banking institutions in the information technology unit. Whether it is a private or public bank, work without computers cannot be imagined. Gone are the days when front end banking operations were carried out manually. All branch banking tasks be it payments, passbook updating or record maintenance depend upon computers. Back office banking operations also cannot be performed without the use of computers and the involvement of technology support professionals. I can remember a particular time when an SVP up at a major bank in NYC told me that the I.T. department expenses were shared across all of the banks cost centers. Simply put she explained to me that every support ticket is logged and at the end of the month it comes out of their individual cost center. She then went on to tell me laughingly that my department did not produce any revenue for the bank and from an accounting standpoint was just an expense, and a growing one at that.

Remote support technology

Another technology wonder that has developed in the recent past is the creation of remote support task management. Whether you are a technology professional providing computer support or an accountant logging into a client machine to review Quickbooks these job tasks are accomplished with a computer via the online medium.

Personal computing

Computers are of great use, not only for professional purposes but also for personal purposes. These days there is so much useful information online that my time watching TV has been marginalized. I have learned more about linear equations on youtube as I help my kids with homework than I ever learned in school.

Computers and education

With the use of computers increasing at every level, it is but natural that the same can be considered as an educational tool. The children have become computer savvy at a very young age and prefer to learn new things via this medium. The use of computers is being taught and highly encouraged starting in elementary school. The education curriculum is always changing and some of the biggest changes include integrating computers into the classrooms. Closely related to this is putting student classroom records online for students and parents to view. Folks can log into an online portal and get a display of the students most recent quiz and test results.

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