What to do with your old computer

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Let’s say you just purchased a new desktop computer for your home or office. You’ve installed it and configured it for internet access and even set up for wireless printing. You’ve got the final task to complete and that is properly disposing of the old computer. Because computers contain elements such as mercury and lead you will need to contact your local recycling center for disposal instructions. However before doing anything with the old computer you need to destroy the hard drive!!

The hard drive inside of the computer contains your personal information such as internet activity, documents and passwords. It is very important to erase everything on it before dropping off for disposal. There are a few different ways to accomplish this task. The best way to destroy the data is to drill holes in the hard drive using a carbide drill bit. The second way is to purchase a good software program to allow you to delete everything by doing at least ten passes on the drive. There are several products on the market today that work well, I like Acronis.

Today more than ever because of low prices folks are opting to just buy a new PC instead of fixing the old one and as a result there is an elevated risk of personal information being maliciously and illegally recovered. If you are buying a new computer and are unsure or unable to properly wipe your old hard drive clean just contact your local computer repair shop for advice. Here at Mr Computer for a minimal fee of $10 the hard drive is removed from your computer and all of its contents are destroyed. In addition we properly dispose of your hard drive making the whole disposal process worry free for you.

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