Windows 10 promises to bring back the beloved start menu

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Of course Connecticut knows by now that Microsoft will indeed be skipping Windows 9 and jumping to Windows 10 as the name for its next operating system.

Company executives did not spell out the logic behind the numerical leap from the current version, Windows 8, except to say that the new version won’t just be an incremental improvement. Perhaps they wanted to distant themselves from 8 and reflect their intent to make big changes. “Windows 10 represents the first step of a whole new generation of Windows,” a company executive said in a statement Tuesday, which seems like about as close to a confirmation of that theory as we’re going to get.

Among other changes, the new version promises to mostly eliminate the tiles that users so hated in Windows 8. Instead it will bring back the retroactively beloved Start menu from Windows 7, which remains the world’s most popular desktop operating system despite being five years old. Windows 10 will also be designed to adapt to all different categories of devices, from PC’s and laptops to tablets and phones, with different interfaces tailored to each one.

Here is a snapshot of the newest desktop start menu in Windows 10


Windows 10 Start menu

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