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The town of Wallingford has a fantastic computer and electronics recycling program. In addition to this program residents may also drop off old computers at Good Will located in the Staples shopping center in Wallingford. I would advise you to delete everything on your hard drive  before dropping it off to be recycled. There are several ways to destroy the data on your drive. When I worked at the bank we had a three stage process.

Stage 1: Low level format following software driven DOD standards

Stage 2: Insert drives into electronic de-magnifier

Stage 3: Take each drive and drill 8-10 holes in it

Keeping in mind that the bank that I worked for had around 10,000 computers and they were upgrading all the time which led to an enormous amount of computers and laptops being constantly decommissioned.  We were also required to follow industry compliance standards. For ordinary home users I would recommend either drilling holes in the drives ( be very careful when doing this and make sure drive is secured and you wear safety glasses before drilling) or using Acronis software. The software will cost around $30 at Staples, its very easy to use and is of great value when getting rid of those old computers and laptops

The town of Wallingford makes it quite simple to recycle those old laptops and computers

The town of Wallingford makes it quite simple to recycle those old laptops and computers

Wallingford Electronics Recycling Program
As of 7/5/12, Residents may drop off e-waste each day the Recycling Center is open
For: Wallingford Households ONLY
Where: Recycling Center, 157 John Street
When: Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays
Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
What is Accepted: computers; computer monitors; laptops, printers;
keyboards and mice; TVs; fax machines; VCR, DVD and CD players; iPods;
Walkmen; PDAs; stereos; modems; routers; cables and wiring; digital cameras;
and telephones.
Is there a Limit: Each household will be limited to seven (7) items per visit.
Is there a Charge: No, this program is FREE.
Other ways to recycle electronics:
Goodwill – each Goodwill store in the area participates in the
ReconnectPartnership recycling program with Dell. Computers and computer
equipment of any make and in any condition will be accepted at Goodwill
stores at no charge.
Best Buy – All stores will accept any make computer and TVs (up to 32 inches
for tube screens and up to 60 inches for flat panel screens) for recycling. Best
Buy now accepts these items free of charge.
Central CT Recycling and Transfer – located at 22 Burton Dr., Cheshire, will
accept electronics and TVs at no charge on Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Call
203-272-4039 for more information.
Go to for more information

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