Patch Management

We keep a birds-eye view of all your systems and applications so that you’re always running the latest versions​​​​​​​. 

Patch Management Keeps You Secure & Up-to-date

Running your business at peak efficiency requires that processes and procedures are always in place and constantly maintained. You already know this. But it’s the same for your business’s IT solutions. 

Today, with an increasing number of devices and applications being used, the chances of an issue arising are greater than ever. If you don’t want to get stuck in an endless cycle of worrying whether or not your technology has the latest updates and patches, then a Patch Management service is the right choice for your business.

What is Patch Management?

In the most basic explanation, patch management is the process of monitoring, updating operating systems, apps and hardware so that they are always kept updated to the right version​​​.

During the “patching” process, identified flaws or vulnerabilities that are discovered after an application or software has been released are fixed.  Patches can also be used to fix bugs, apply a security update, or even to add a newly added functionality to an offering.

Benefits of Patch Management Services: 

  • Remain up-to-date with all security threats and patches.
  • Meet Industry Compliance Requirements
  • Minimize Security Vulnerabilities
  • Operate at Peak Efficiency


In the IT space, we like to call this no downtime in between critical system updates and patches “zero-day vulnerabilities” and that’s the excellence we strive to achieve for all our clients. We keep a birds-eye view of all your systems and applications to ensure they’re always running and when an issue is detected, it’s handled proactively.

We take the heavy lifting off your back when it comes to meeting all of the constantly changing security needs today. Patch Management from Mr. Computer utilizes automated management and monitoring tools and we deploy patches in a safe way when they are needed. This approach avoids unnecessary downtime during major updates and keeps a backup in place so any potential complications from a patch update don’t have a negative impact on your operations.

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